Product or service Brief description Days
Strategic planning, policy formulation, risk management and process development Development and implementation of strategic, policy and processes required for effective delivery of business, programme and project as required
Change management identification, implementation and management of changes to business structure, processes and operational function as required
Advice and guidance on bidding Advice and guidance on the bid-writing process, especially for government funded programmes, identifying the key elements that will need to feature in a successful bid. Reviewing applications – reviewing written bids prior to submission. 1 day workshop (full bid 20 days)
Bid writing Writing of bids for clients, especially for government funded programmes, including meetings, workshops to develop in-house expertise and review of bids as required minimum 5 days
Monitoring and evaluation Provision of monitoring and evaluation expertise. Ensuring measurement of activities and expected outcomes, anticipated impact. Design, implementation and monitoring of evaluation programmes. as required minimum 3 days
Review of awarding organisation applications to Ofqual Review of AO applicant bid for recognition by Ofqual. Provision of traffic light report on Criteria for Recognition

as required

minimum 4 days

Development of qualifications and units for the QCF Provision of units and Rules of Combination, approved by Ofqual and eligible for public funding.

(1 unit per day)

minimum 4 days

Review of qualifications and units for the QCF Review of qualifications and units prior to submission to Ofqual. (2 units per day) minimum 2 days